Process Step One:
Discovery Call or Meeting

Our first step is to uncover with you your company goals, challenges and primary needs. Once we discuss the bigger picture, we can define your need together. We’ll move on to discuss your company, the role, and expectations and your procedures for alignment. Ultimately, our discovery session sets up the search definition. It lays the groundwork to align talent to fit your organization and fill the need. It also allows us to accurately position and sell the company and career opportunity to top tier talent.

Lets’ talk about the discovery process as well as the rest of the steps in our process to fulfill your business goals through strategic talent acquisition.

Strategic Views

What are your company goals and challenges?

What do you need to move forward towards those goals and to tackle the challenges?

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  • Future, where headed, mission and purpose
  • Describe culture. Who does and doesn’t fit
  • Key strengths
  • Examples of recent success
  • Sales volume, head count
  • History, year established
  • Sources of inspiration and admiration


  • Describe the job
  • Key strengths needed, what were strengths and weaknesses of the last candidate, turnover
  • How determine success of candidate/ what will they accomplish this year and long term?
  • Supervisor – background and accomplishments and style, mentorship, supportiveness
  • Influence on the organization/impact of their efforts
  • How much management/percent of responsibilities
  • Reporting structure, team
  • Career path, additional incentives for candidates.
  • Compensation – plus benefits / Recognition
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Partnering Procedures

  • Past recruiting efforts
  • Sensitivities
  • Timing of hire
  • Hiring process

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