Delivering Better Candidates by Functional Area & Industry Vertical

In need of a savvy social media manager? Looking for a vice president of business development to transform your sales function? Seeking a visionary creative director to breathe new life into your brand identity? We’ve placed hundreds of talented professionals across all specializations within marketing, communications and sales with a focus on manager to executive levels.

Industry Vertical

Your business focus makes a difference in the skill sets and experience required of ideal candidates. Having a team that previously worked in the industry means insight into the nuances that other firms don’t possess.


Shopper marketing techniques, e-commerce trends and dining preferences—the state of the restaurant and retail industries is always changing. We find candidates who:

• Know how consumers think, make decisions and buy
• Craft effective customer journeys
• Understand the convergence of online and offline experiences
• Bring it all together to drive revenue

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Professional Services/B2B

We know that excelling in this area requires a special skill set, even for the most refined marketer. Our focus is on identifying talent that is experienced in:

• Positioning your product to multiple departments and buyers
• Demonstrating long-term value to increase revenue
• Enhancing brand market share and product positioning
• Capturing prospects and increasing lead generation

B2C & Home Products

We’ll make sure your next B2C marketer fits the mold, from the ability to understand how customers identify and purchase products to fostering loyalty. Markers of exceptional B2C talent include:

• Deep P&L expertise
• A track record of gathering and analyzing relevant consumer insights
• Translating insights into actionable strategies

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Without the right talent, today’s standout brand is at risk of becoming a commodity tomorrow. And while each CPG is a little different, our experience tells us that those best-positioned to develop a highly sought-after CPG brand offer:

• Innovative thinking
• Endless passion and drive
• Advanced marketing planning abilities

Financial Services

The transformation in financial services, including fintech, demands marketers who get the intricacies of a highly regulated business. We’ll connect you with candidates that possess knowledge of:

• Compliance regulations and disclaimers
• Government protocols
• Financial reporting requirements

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