An exceptional marketing function is key to an organization’s success in generating demand and increasing sales for your product or service. Talented marketers deliver essential insights regarding the four “Ps” of marketing: product, pricing, promotion and place. And they also help bring your brand—ultimately, the experience you offer buyers of your product or service—to life. Positive awareness of your brand experience, including your purpose, your promise and the value you deliver to customers, supports the buyer’s journey and, ultimately, drives purchasing decisions.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

While the most effective marketers understand nuance, possess solid communication skills and have an eye for detail, they also tend to be big-picture thinkers. They are visionary leaders who tap into their creative muscle to solve even the most complex marketing and branding challenges.


Creative leaders translate brand and marketing strategy into advertising and communication campaigns that foster connections between your audience and your product or service. Good creatives excel at marrying consumer insights with brand guidelines to develop distinct campaigns that are expressed through the carefully selected words and visuals that lead to powerful designs and customer experiences.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

Often renaissance men (and women!), the most creative “creatives” come from all walks of life. Perhaps amateur comics or natural entertainers, they are innately curious ad empathetic. Creatives have a unique grasp of pop culture and the latest trends, which they apply critically to work that establishes human connection on a one-to-one-basis. Sure, they appreciate the awards bestowed on their innovative creative campaigns, but the most talented creative teams are motivated by realizing measurable results that move brands forward.


What are the best market opportunities for business growth? When should you time a campaign for optimal success? Which media channels are most likely to reach—and engage—your target audiences? Effective strategists provide the insights and answers to these questions, and more. They provide the deep understanding you need of your buyers and deliver winning strategies,from online to Amazon, that capture market share.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

The best strategists take on the role of an anthropologist, fully immersing themselves in the behaviors, preferences and perspectives of consumers. Tapping into both their left and right sides of the brain, they leverage an innate curiosity while applying analytical thinking to connect the dots and arrive at on-target strategic recommendations. work that establishes human connection on a one-to-one-basis.


Communications leaders represent your company and point of view to the media. They maintain and foster your reputation. They monitor your brand online. They create relationships and dialogs with your customer base. They are trained to best manage the media and employees during a crisis to reduce the harm. They write the speeches, the content. The understand the strategies required to support a positive view and likability of your brand. In our current media world, where your brand can in one tweet or share be loved or hated, professionals are needed to manage and optimize the space. The web is the ultimate educational source for consumers, leverage that tool to meet consumers on their buying journey.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

A strong command of verbal and written language is a must, but the most effective professionals are also highly adept at developing persuasive communications that educate and inspire. They understand the power of a compelling voice, and they infuse marketing messages with passion while ensuring an organization’s voice is authentic.


Sales is the engine of your company. Driving the demand relationship by relationship. Sales leaders identify top sources of demand for your product or services and Your sales team secures and nurtures customer relationships. Under performers in the sales function are estimated to cost US Companies $105 Billion per year. A top performer obviously makes a huge impact on your bottomline.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

In addition to being highly competitive and driven, winning sales professionals will have an insatiable need to continually achieve. They are tireless, and they look to their resilience and optimism to keep moving forward and overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of that next great sale.

human resources

The Human Resources team optimizes performance and can create a competitive advantage. The HR team is responsible for hiring top performers , training them and ensuring they operate in an engaged fashion. Company culture, the values of the leaders and ways of working, can inspire and create an attractive environment. Key identifying factors around this skill set. Learning.

Success Characteristics & Capabilities:

Top HR professionals are diverse. They are great communicators with high EQ. They understand themselves and others. They are innovators that use technology and data. They are well-read in the discipline, able to implement theory into practice in unique environments. Passion is required.

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