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Land the job of your dreams: insights from the experts.

Want to land that amazing new job? Show your prospective employer that you are the one and only choice for the position with these expert tips:

  • Gain as much knowledge about the position as possible by doing some research on the company, agency, and any accounts you may be working on.  Linkedin is a helpful tool.
  • Prepare a list of 20 or so questions to ask. Keep your questions general at first and work into specific questions as the interview progresses. It’s a great idea to run these questions by your recruiter first. Be sure to include a question on how the company plans to grow—this will provide insights as to how you can contribute to that growth.
  • Be prepared to "sell" yourself by giving detailed examples of how you will help the company meet its growth objectives.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your previous work experience, including your rationale for leaving company "A" to go to company "B", etc.
  • Avoid discussing money, benefits or vacation at the first meeting. The major purpose of the initial interview is to see if there is “chemistry” and for the company to confirm that you live up to your resume.
  • Keep discussions about previous employers positive.  Employers generally pass on candidates that share dirty laundry.
  • Be sure to exhibit enthusiasm for the company, even if you feel the position is not going to be right for you. You never know if the company will have another position open in the future.
  • Write notes about your interview immediately upon leaving.
  • Call your recruiter and share the details of the interview.
  • Send thank you notes promptly and personalize by referring to topics that arose during the interview (via email or snail mail). Be sure to close with your clear interest in the position and call to action.
  • Any expenses may be attached on a separate sheet and should be reviewed by the recruiter before submitting